World’s oldest Holocaust survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer, dies in UK

“Alice Herz Sommer, who at 110, was known as the oldest-living Holocaust survivor and the subject of the Oscar nominated short subject documentary Lady in Number 6: How Music Saved My Life, died today in London, according to the Israeli newspaper YNET, who confirmed the passing with her grandson. YNET is one of the country’s leading daily newspapers. Herz Sommer survived a Nazi concentration camp and used music to empower herself and others. She was a concert pianist, who initially was mentored by her sister and went on to study with the noted pianist Vaclav Stephan. The story about Herz Sommer and her uplifting philosophy about how to live a happy life despite enduring pain was made into a film directed by Malcom Clarke and produced by Nicholas Reed. The film, which was shot over the past two and a half years, was nominated for an Oscar last month.”

“A 110-year-old woman believed to be the oldest survivor of the Holocaust and who endured the ordeal partly through her passion for music, has died in London, her family said on Sunday.”