Alice Herz Sommer -Master Lessons on a Happy and Long Life

In over 20 years in the film business, I have met many, many fascinating and learned people, but leaving Alice’s presence, I could not help thinking that I was not worthy. She talked to me about the importance of mentoring. To teach the lessons we had learned to the next generation. Alice Herz Sommer spirit is a force of nature and it truly makes you want to do more to help other people. I truly believe that we need to do our best to get our children to watch more documentaries, so they can learn from extraordinary people like, Alice Herz Sommer. Kids all over the world grow up on superheroes, what we their parents must remind them, is documentaries tell stories about ‘real superheroes.’ Superheroes are based on great people, real people like Alice Herz Sommer.” – Nicholas Reed, Producer